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Mota Mandir Yuvak Mandal
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                   Mota Mandir Yuvak Mandal, situated at heart of Surat city, near Chauta Bazar, Mota Mandir, Holi Chakla. One of finest & active group of city, who is doing so many religious & social activities with a view to provide social services to society.

                  Our mandal is working since 1968. There is No president, No Secretary, in this Mandal. All Members are working as active members without interest of any post. The numbers of active members are 85, who have unique dress code with identity card along their associated Committee.

                  Our mandal have succeeded to get lot of awards for best organization of Ganesh Utsav. Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat has also taken note about our mandal & sent letter of best wishes too.

                  For knowing more about us, please take visit of our mandal with your family.

                  Waiting for your wishes & blessings.